Business Areas

    Management Advisory

    Our consultants are known as trusted advisers having gained rich experienced in boutique advisory firms and various Big Four firms mainly in the DACH, Western European and North American region in both management and leadership roles. If you just want to tweak your business processes go to the big consulting firms, if you aim for sustainable results collaborate with us!


    Our portfolio includes cross-sector industry projects with reputed Fortune-500/DAX-100 companies.

    Business Development

    We warrant to generate leads and opportunities within your B2B Business Development function ahead of your competitors. Our service is evidenced by long-term corporate experiences and digital projects. We connect you to the business-relevant decision-makers whether it is globally or locally 'Corporate Match-maker'.


    We identify the relevant set of digital media for your process phases to match the best and right business partners to regularly exceed your performance metrics.

    Executive Coaching

    Our Executive Coaches have solid business experience and coaching practice which ensures that we 'understand your business' and inspire and empower you to expedite your performance.


    Equipped with the coaching certification of accredited global business schools and institutions in leadership development & behavioral change we empower executives in coping effectively with the fast changing VUCA environment.

    Positive Psychology

    The Approach to ExcelTM coaching methodology exceeds positive psychology and is evidenced by expected outcomes in contrast to temporary challenges.


    This novel approach has been successfully developed and pilot-tested by Executive MBA and Doctoral graduates in a seven-month project.

    Mentoring & Teaching

    We have coached & mentored senior executives from various industries in Boston, Berlin, Frankfurt, Birmingham, Zurich, Dublin & Munich.


    Also, we mentored academic candidates to be admitted into executive and doctoral programs of International Business Schools.

    Cutting-Edge Research

    Our research projects have made excellent contributions to practice and theory.


    Our research has been published by leading editors in the DACH region and is in the process of being published in peer-reviewed 3- or 4-star journals.



  • Differentiator

    We provide the best value with more than 30 years of international experience.


    Digital Business Intelligence reflects the vision, academic experience, and network of the founder.


    Digital Business Intelligence is the elite firm which provides global management advisory and coaching services across a wide range of vertical industries and advises small-, medium- and large-sized companies with a focus on fast results applying digitization. Our advisors and coaches know how to leverage creative and disruptive-innovative methods to address your business needs, match the best and right business partners to develop cutting-edge solutions which secure your global leadership and achieve massive performance increase. We generate an excellent outcome and are known as 'global match-makers' that is why clients engage us.

    Our advisors are credible and trustworthy evidenced by what we achieve for our clients. They are rated among the thought leaders by leading academics and client practitioners. Their specialized skills and in-depth industry and market expertise are fundamental for our client-centric approach 'bringing your business to excellence.' We exclusively deploy advisors which correspond with the experiences, capabilities and leadership skills our clients' specific projects require whether it is locally or globally.

    In Global Consulting, one of our primary focus is to support companies to expedite their B2B Business Development Processes by leveraging a relevant set of digital media to secure their competitive edge.


    Digital Business Coaching follows a life-changing ‘approach to excel’TM which has been successfully pilot-tested and proven to accelerate the performance of coaching clients independent of temporary obstacles. Our advisors and coaches are certified a leading coaching institution and combine globally relevant coaching skills and business expertise.


    We follow the principles of excellence, integrity and solution orientation with innovative business practices to co-create cutting-edge and sustainable solutions together with our clients. Thereby, we consider leadership development of your employees based on a reflective and positive psychological approach as vital. Your success is our reputation!


    Executive Coaching and Mentoring

    Medical Devices

    "One of the techniques allowed me to set my mind free from imaginary boundaries".

    We made a good initial analysis of my private and professional situation and differentiated between rational and emotional concerns. The coach listened very carefully and always summarized my points well. The methodologies helped me to sort my options and commit to a realistic action plan.

    Start-Up Entrepreneur, PhD, Munich, Germany

    Investment Banking

    "The mentor was "all in" in the sessions. Very structured and made me feel of being the center of his attention."

    I very much appreciated the mentor's hand-on-approach. He did not know my topics beforehand, but it was amazing that he knew and applied the right tools right away and still gave the discussion flexibility. Overall, the sessions were very inspiring. My status quo has substantially improved.

    Director Marketing, Zurich, Switzerland

    Aerospace & Defense

    "I never felt that I was being judged or that the coach tried to give me feedback on what to do."

    The sessions represented a path being walked together where the coach was more of a guiding light to illuminate paths we could walk. The decision of what way to go was always made by me. Beyond the normally expected, the mentor added so much more value to the process.

    Senior Account Manager Strategy, Orlando, United States of America

  • Credentials

    Business Schools & Universities


    Video University of Reading 90 Years

    Henley Business School I University or Reading*

    10/2012 - 07/2018 (part-time; 1 semester full-time)

    • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
    • Professional Certificate in Coaching (PCIC)
    • Master of Business and Management Research (MScBMR)
    • Greater London area, United Kingdom
    Video Bentley University 100 years

    McCallum Graduate School of Business*

    07/2004 - 05/2007 (part-time)

    • Master of Science in Financial Planning (MSc FP)
    • MBA Courses 
    • Greater Boston area, United States of America
    Video University of Passau 40 years

    University of Passau**

    10/1988 - 07/1993 (full-time)

    • Equiv. to Master of Business Administration (Dipl.-Kaufmann)
    • Major: Organization, Strategy, Trade & Sales
    • Minor: International Business, Economics
    • Trainee: Deutsche Bank New York, NY
    • State of Bavaria, Germany


    * Triple Crown Accreditation on a global scale

    ** Among the leading universities in the DACH region.




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